Find The Positive!

Find The Positive!

One of my own personal transformation points came when I learned that anytime negative shows up positive is available – that one cannot exist without the other because they are a comparison to each other. I wouldn’t recognize something as negative unless I was comparing it to something positive, which means positive is available.

Now, that doesn’t always mean it’s easy. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what the positive is. However, if you focus on finding the positive, you WILL eventually find it. What you think about you bring about. Taking the time to reframe events from our past that we saw as negative, and now finding the positive, will help us stop recreating that same kind of negativity in our lives.

Make finding the positive your job today. No matter what happens, find the positive and notice how it impacts your day as well as everyone else’s day. You will automatically raise the vibe, feel better and attract more positive. You get bonus points if you help someone else find the positive in their day!

Start right now by putting a smile on your face to share with others!

“Find the positive … it’s there!”