Are You Stealing Your Own Joy?

Are You Stealing Your Own Joy?

Have you seen the new Brené Brown special on Netflix?

If not, watch it, and then, watch it again.

Brené Brown has been one of the biggest influences in my leadership growth. She shows up in my blogs quite often.

In her new special, The Call To Courage, and in her recent book, Dare To Lead, she tells us that joy is the most vulnerable emotion we feel. (By the way, if you work with people, read this book, and then, read it again.)

So, you may ask, people are scared to be happy?


Because they are “waiting for the other shoe to drop.”
Because “it’s too good to be true.”
Because “if we celebrate too soon, we may jinx it.”

I’ve actually heard each of these statements from someone in the past week.

We literally steal our own JOY with our thoughts.

We build a wall to keep the joy out because we don’t want to be blindsided if it doesn’t work out a particular way. And, then, we lose that moment.

Most of us aren’t even conscious that we do this. We’ve simply programmed ourselves to think that way. It’s only when someone writes a blog (or a tv special) about it that we start to see what we’re doing to ourselves. Read that once more. Doing. To. Ourselves.

When we rob ourselves of the moments of joy, then we won’t have any in reserve when we really need it most.

Vulnerability is the new strong. It takes incredible courage to be vulnerable. It takes courage to truly own that we are worthy of feeling joy – that YOU are worthy of joy. The only way to build your joy muscle is to practice choosing joy, and then, practice it again.



Has the success you’ve achieved in your life not brought you the joy and happiness you thought it would? I know that feeling, and I had some help seeing a different perspective that led me to authentic joy along with the success. I would love to pay it forward to you! Let’s talk. It’s free. Email Barb at to set up your call!

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