Leading Edge Course

Our Leading Edge class is a one-day in-person class or a four 90-minute session virtual class that can be used as an introduction to our three-day Intensive or as a foundation course for team members who won’t have the opportunity to attend the Intensive. Utilizing experiential processes, it emphasizes effective communication techniques, a broadening of individual perspectives, the importance of personal responsibility and the impact of attitude. It introduces all the High5 key messages so everyone on the team is speaking the same language. This class has been called “life-changing” and “eye-opening”.

The Leading Edge class can be delivered in person or virtually online depending on your team’s needs. 

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What to Expect from an Leading Edge Class

Each Leading Edge class is customized for your team’s unique needs.  Here are some examples you can expect from an Leading Edge class. 

  • build trust and transparency in order to strengthen the team and create a positive culture
  • determine team core values
  • understand the shared outcomes of the organization and eliminate silos
  • recognize that they are always at CHOICE
  • accept Personal Responsibility for their outcomes and the outcomes of the organization
  • improve their communication
  • learn to look for solutions and what else is possible
  • realize how much more potential they have
  • uncover behaviors that are holding them back
  • understand that positive is always available
  • identify what’s holding them back
“Everyone in my company will go through this training.”
“2016 we bested our best and now 2017 is a record.”
“We talk daily about choosing joy and choosing our outcomes.”