National High 5 Day Is Thursday, April 20!

National High 5 Day Is Thursday, April 20!

National High 5 Day Is Thursday, April 20!

We were pretty excited when we found out there was a national holiday just for us! Yes, National High 5 Day is Thursday, and we figured that was worth celebrating all week long!

Do you know why we named our company High5 Leadership? Besides the fact that it’s a totally cool name and we could hide a heart in our logo, it’s because we are all about celebrating EVERYTHING that is going right in YOUR world and in THE world. So much time and energy, especially in the media, is focused on what people see as bad or wrong. We know that when you focus on what you don’t like, all you are doing is attracting more of what you don’t want.

What do you focus on all day? Are you focused on finding what’s going right at work and at home, or are you focused on what’s going wrong? Think about what would be different if you shifted to spending more time focused on what you like and what’s right. You’d probably have less stress, smile more and be happier. The cool thing is the other people in your life benefit as well because every time you catch them doing something right and give them a high 5, they are less stressed, smile more and are happier too. That’s what we call a WIN/WIN!

So, this week turn all of your attention to what’s going right, and give as many high 5’s as possible to everyone including yourself.

Top 5 Benefits of Giving High 5’s!

1. It’s FUN and FEELS GOOD

2. It’s POSITIVE and adds more positivity to the world

3. It raises the vibe for EVERYONE

4. It builds community and team

5. It changes our focus to what’s going right

Join us for High 5 Week on social media! Post pictures and videos of you giving yourself or others a high 5. When you tag it with #high5leadership you will be entered into a drawing for High5 swag like Choose JOY mugs and High5 water bottles. In addition, you’ll be entered in the grand prize drawing for $1,000 in High5 Dollars that can be used on any future High5 Leadership class! If you aren’t on social media, send us the picture or video to, and we will post it for you so that you can still be part of the fun!

Let’s fill the world with more positivity by giving High 5’s. When you change YOUR world, together, we will change THE world! Thanks for being a part of our world! High 5!