A Non-Poem Poem About Change

A Non-Poem Poem About Change

A Non-Poem Poem About Change

Sometimes NOT changing is more painful than changing.

Why did change become a thing to be feared?

It did for many … did it for you?

Would you rather live with the devil that you know?

To make ourselves feel better about staying in our comfort zone we say that the other option is the devil that we don’t know.

Isn’t that funny?

There are no new possibilities in not changing.

Obvious? Yes. And yet so many remain in their box.

Because it’s comfortable there.

Because they think it’s safer.

I guess it is if you’re waiting to die.

It’s the most dangerous choice if any part of you wants to live.

That’s when not changing becomes more painful.

When your heart knows there is so much more waiting for you.

But your head tells you to stay put.

“It’s not bad like this”, your story tells you.

“Others have it much worse”, your mind reasons.

“This is all you deserve”, a voice deep inside whispers.

You’ve arrived at a crossroads.

Will you choose to take a risk?

Or will you choose to play it safe?

It really is totally YOUR choice!

There is no room to blame.

In this moment, right now, you can choose you.

You can choose to write a new story.

You can choose to live with JOY.

It’s time to say YES to you.

Knowing that if you fall down you are strong enough to get back up.

Knowing that these feelings are telling you that you are alive.

You have a heart.

It’s beating.

And now you see that the old story was all wrong.

Change is not something to be feared.

Change is something to embrace, to create, to love.

Change is your soul calling you closer to your purpose.

Take a risk and choose you.