There is a difference between motivating and inspiring. When you motivate someone, you will need to keep motivating them; it is external. When you inspire someone, it is internal, and they will take it and run with it.


What makes a good speaker? Someone who can inspire an audience to take action and make a positive change in their lives. Our speakers utilize the same principles as our classes to wake up your team, group, members or audience to not only see things from a new perspective but to do something different when they leave. We will engage with your audience, get them involved and raise their level of enthusiasm for your outcome.

We customize every talk to your theme, outcome, and audience.

Our areas of expertise include:

Leadership, Motivation, Inspiration & Empowerment

Teamwork & Team Building

Organization Culture

Personal Development & Personal Excellence

Understanding Generations

Hiring, Retention, & Employee Engagement

Delight Your Audience,

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