About High5 Leadership

High5 Choices lead to High5 Moments to create my High5 Life

How We Make A Difference

For every one of us on the High5 Leadership team, there came a point of awakening, when we knew there had to be more to life than what we were experiencing. So, here we are, a high-performing team dedicated to creating other high-performing teams, personally and professionally.


How do we do that?


We take individuals on a journey of self-realization where they learn to accept personal responsibility for their lives. As a result, they become better communicators as well as more positive, outcome-focused and joyful humans. They carry these attributes into their workplaces and home lives where they now have the tools to be the positive difference-makers.


Our classes are about taking people to THEIR next, best level, which looks different for everyone. Each individual has their own journey, and every team has its own outcome. We believe nothing is broken or needs to be fixed with anyone. High5 is simply about what else is possible!


Whether it’s for you individually, or for your work team, we provide experiential leadership training that facilitates growth from the inside out, creating stronger leaders and happier people. In short, we change THEIR worlds, so together, we change THE world!

Our Purpose

To inspire you to change YOUR world, so together we change THE world.

Our Vision

To create a culture where everyone chooses more joy, love, trust, vulnerability, self-confidence, positivity and awareness of their full potential.

Our Mission

To apply and communicate our 7 key messages.


I am at choice

I write my positive stories

I go first

I raise my vibe

I am personally responsible

Vulnerability is the new strong


Our Values






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