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Happy thoughts. Happy actions. Happy life.

How We Make A Difference

For every one of us on the High5 Leadership team, there came a point of awakening where we knew there had to be more to life than what we were experiencing. We each went through our own transformation that led us to now giving away the gift we received to others. We’ve applied the information and tools we learned to our own personal and professional lives. We practice it every day. We fall down. We get up stronger. We go first. We choose joy. We love our lives!


Our passion is sustainability and lifelong partnerships with every organization and person that connects with High5 Leadership. Our measure of success is through your long-term growth both personally and professionally. Our High5 community provides ongoing learning and support. We will be there to celebrate your successes with a High5! We will hold you accountable if we see you veering from what you say you want. Bottom line is, we’ve got your back!

Meet The High5 Team!


Barb Moses

CEO/Founder, Master Trainer, Leadership Coach

“If you had told me when I graduated from college that this would be my life, I would have never believed you, and yet, it’s the only thing that makes sense after transforming my own life again and again. If I don’t share what I’ve learned, what’s the point? With over 20 years of corporate leadership and training, followed by another 10 years facilitating transformational leadership experiences, I’ve seen and experienced almost everything. And I Go First, is not only one of High5’s Key Messages, it’s one of my own personal values. I will let our student and partner testimonials speak for our results.”

Kevin Fink

Chief Leadership Strategist, Master Trainer, Leadership Coach
Kevin joins High5 Leadership with over 15 years of training experience in the financial planning industry as well as in leadership development. He combines his training experience with his 20+ years as a Certified Financial Planner to help people get in touch with their dreams and then realize them. You will also find Kevin in the classroom for every High5 training. Kevin lives his High5 life with his wife, Michelle, in the Chicago area. He also has two sons, Jason and Robert. As a foodie, Kevin enjoys cooking as well as dining out and traveling.

Michelle Fink

Chief Experience Officer, Co-VP of Operations, Trainer

Michelle comes to High5 Leadership with experience from the corporate world, higher education, and non-profits. She has held positions from Customer Service Rep to CEO. In addition to completing the High5 Intensive and High5 Evolve classes, she has been in the classroom to help facilitate other trainings for the last five years and is currently an assistant trainer. At High5 Leadership, she handles everything operational behind the scenes as well as the social media. Michelle lives in Chicago with her three daughters, Parley, Lauren and Hayley as well as her husband, Kevin. They enjoy time together being foodies, traveling and socializing with their amazing friends.

Naiana Miranda

Chief Growth Officer

Naiana comes to High5 Leadership with an entrepreneurial spirit and over 10 years of leadership and business development experience. She has made it her mission to disrupt the leadership industry by helping companies and individuals grow through powerful experiences that leave a sustainable impact. You will mainly find her strategizing with the teams to help them develop their people to build a culture of growth. Or, if you’re lucky, you may even see her in the classroom helping to optimize the student experience. Her biggest joys in life are cheese, ocean views and a great work-out!

Dominic Oaxaca

Leadership Strategist, Trainer

Dominic comes to High5 Leadership with over 30 years of experience in the Automotive Collision Industry. He has managed auto collision shops for 15 years. He’s currently training to be an assistant trainer in the classroom and is a constant contributor to the continued development of High5 Leadership. Dominic lives in Lodi, Ca with his wife (Rhonda), son (Caleb) and daughter (Cassie). In addition to helping people find more joy in their lives, Dominic enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Chad Snead

Chief Technical Officer, Co-VP of Operations, Trainer

Chad works for High5 Leadership as a Trainer and as our Logistics Master. Inside the classroom, he is passionate about helping students reach their next level of potential and accept personal responsibility for their lives. Outside the classroom, he is committed to delivering excellence for High5 Leadership’s operations and ensuring every class is a success.  He has also spent the last 10 years as an IT professional in the field of Database Administration. Chad loves to travel the world, hike and play games with his family and friends as well as going on adventures with his dog, Joy.

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