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Meet The High5 Team!


Barb Moses

CEO/Founder, Master Trainer, Leadership Coach

Barb Moses is the Founder and CEO of High5 Leadership, who created this business with one purpose in mind – inspiring others to change THEIR worlds, so together they will change THE world.


Barb is a businesswoman with the heart of a hippie. She is a trainer, speaker, writer, and coach who inspires individuals and business groups to escape mediocrity igniting real results for their lives and businesses. She teaches and writes about how to live a life on purpose and do work you are proud of! Together with High5’s corporate clients, Barb is creating a business culture of people who are courageous, self-confident, decisive, trusting, kind, compassionate and so much more!


When resting from all this awesomeness, Barb enjoys her home in San Diego where she is a workout queen. And, despite not being so much for the swimming, Barb’s Fortress of Solitude (DC Comics) is a long walk on the beach.

Kevin Fink

Chief Leadership Wizard, Master Trainer, Leadership Coach

Kevin Fink is the Chief Leadership Wizard for High5 Leadership, which makes him one of a kind. His magic comes from the application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with coaching and training that helps people and businesses metamorphose into greater versions of themselves. His 20+ years as a Certified Financial Planning Practioner ® enhances his magical skills, helping people transform their beliefs about finances and how money works.


Kevin motivates and inspires others to get to their next level of greatness, so together they spread more love and kindness in the world. He believes The Beatles had it right – “All you need is love” (1967). His philosophy colors everything he does and everyone he touches.


Kevin lives in Chicagoland where he is dad to five humans and four critters. He loves to weave his spells into delicious food he cooks for his family. Aside from creating gastronomical delights, his favorite fun thing is to make up silly words as he plays with his dogs’ ears.

Michelle Fink

Chief Experience Officer, Trainer

Michelle Fink is the Chief Experience Officer for High5 Leadership. She handles everything as it relates to the High5 experience from social media and marketing to the pre- and post-class activities. She ensures each person’s contact with High5 is seamless and positive. She is the High5 Cruise Director!


Michelle is also a trainer for High5 classes. Her passion is inspiring people to be the best role models for the children in their worlds. She believes when adults are their best selves, children will follow that path – when the adults are awesome, the kids are too! When a child’s path veers, these adults have the tools to facilitate course correction rather than dictating it, which leads to trusting relationships.


Michelle lives in the Chicago suburbs, and shares a home with oodles of two- and four-legged creatures. Her Zen place is the comfy chair in her bedroom with a good book or movie. Michelle’s most favorite activity is laughing with her daughters.

Chad Snead

Chief Operations Office, Chief Technology Officer, Trainer

Chad Snead is High5 Leadership’s Chief Technical Officer AND Chief Operations Officer. Chad makes all the background things go and keeps it all running smoothly. Without his technical expertise and focus, High5 would be unable to fulfill its mission and purpose.


Chad is also a trainer in the classroom who is passionate about helping people reach their next level of potential and to accept personal responsibility for their lives. Chad’s passion and drive for his purpose came after his roommate at the time gave him a hug that changed his life! Once Chad understood how much he needed that hug, his mission became sharing that love with the world.


When taking a break from changing the world, Chad lives in the San Diego area with his partner, Ismael. Their beautiful home is bursting with four-legged babies and love! Chad also finds sanctuary in his game collection and Lego creations.

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