Are You STEALING From Your Team Members?

Are You STEALING From Your Team Members?

Every year around this time, we reconnect to the story of The Grinch. I think the reason that it resonates with us is because we all know that person, and we wish they would have the same transformation as The Grinch did – “…that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.”

I’ve been the grinch. I’m not proud of it, and it’s real. There were times I was so focused on the task that I totally forgot the people. I’m betting they thought my heart was pretty small on those days.

What I realize now is that in those moments, much like The Grinch stealing presents down in Whoville, I was stealing from my team members. As the so-called leader, when I wasn’t having fun, no one was having fun.

Now, I believe, and teach, that we are all responsible for our own JOY and happiness. It’s true. Happiness is an inside job, and the only person that can make me happy is me. Conversely, the only person who can make me unhappy is me, and it’s all based on the story I am telling myself. AND… I don’t get to use that as my excuse. I know that my words and actions affect others. I am a mood setter, and if I’m not bringing positivity to the environment, I am bringing negativity that the team has to overcome to get to their own positive outcomes.

Not only was I bringing them down, I was bringing me down, and none of us were having any fun. YES, work is meant to be fun, and when we have fun, we get more work done. It’s proven. And yet, there are many that think being grinchy is professional. Being grinchy is necessary for people to take us seriously, and being grinchy let’s people know who’s in charge. Ironically, we may just end up being in charge of ourselves when everyone quits.

The first step is to look in the mirror. Do you see The Grinch looking back at you? Where are you robbing your team members of showing up as their best selves because you aren’t creating the environment that fosters that?

I promise you that when you have more fun at work (and at home), the others on your team will have more fun too! What will you do today to create a more fun environment? You go first!


Can you observe yourself bringing you and the team down but you’re not sure how to change it? When we start to recognize that the way we are doing things isn’t working particularly well, we start to create new possibilities. Sometimes it’s hard, though, to see your own blind spots and know the steps to take.

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