Belay On

Belay On

If you’ve ever been rock climbing, you know there are certain commands that are used exclusively between the climber and the belayer (the person who is managing their safety rope). It’s a language that communicates so much in four little words, and it’s essential to the safety and success of both individuals.

When the climber is ready to climb, they ask the question “On belay?” to the person belaying them. The belayer then checks that the ropes are all separated and the safety items are in place before replying “Belay on!”, which indicates for the climber to start climbing.

Do you do this quick safety check with the people you lead or work with? When you ask someone on your team to complete a project or do a task, do they know you have their back and will keep them safe?

In those times that you’ve been the climber, think back to how you felt when your boss held your rope safely versus when they let it slip through their hands and let you take the fall for a mistake.

As leaders, it’s important for us to accept 100% self-responsibility for the safety and success of the people we are belaying, everyone on our team at work and at home. It is only when they trust us that they will take the risks and reach for the next level that will bring the growth and success that you desire.

In every interaction, your team may silently be asking “On belay?” and the question for you to ponder today is whether you can authentically say,  “Belay on.”

AND, right now, from me to you – “Belay On!”

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