Claim Your Independence This 4th!

Every July 4th we celebrate Independence Day – that important day when the thirteen colonies declared their independence from England, which subsequently, led to the formation of the United States. That gave this country the FREEDOM to create our own rules and play the game the way we want to play it. It may not always work exactly the way each of us wants it to, however, I am grateful for all that I am able to experience as a result of this historic choice.

My coaching to you is to make the same choice, and claim your independence, specifically, to be independent of what others think. Many of us give a lot of our power away to others because we care more about what they think than we do about what we think.

“Be independent of the good opinion of others and be free from the need of approval.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

“First say to yourself, ’I’m totally independent of the good or bad opinion of others.’ Second: ‘I’m beneath no one.’ Third: ‘I’m fearless in the face of any and all challenges.’ “ – Deepak Chopra

Listen to what your heart and soul are calling you to be in this world. When you are 100% true to you and play life your way, then you, just like our forefathers back in 1776, get to create the rules by which you play. No one has any more or any less value than you do. No one has any more or any less right to speak out than you do. No one has any more or any less capacity for love and joy than you do.

Claim your independence! The next time you catch yourself worrying about what others will think or wanting the approval of others or giving more value to what others think, write your own Declaration of Independence and sign it. Give yourself the power to do life your way! That doesn’t mean we don’t play with others, or that we don’t play nice. Not at all. Life is much easier and sweeter when we find others that are as passionate about it as we are. What it does mean, though, is we value what WE think and make the choices that will move us towards our outcomes.

What will you do differently today to claim YOUR independence?