Get Out Of Your Own Way To Find Your Way!

Get Out Of Your Own Way To Find Your Way!

When you realize that you are your own biggest obstacle, you are officially on the path to creating a bigger, better, badasser life for yourself. If you still think that everyone else is to blame for you not having everything that you want in your life, then this blog probably isn’t for you because, frankly, the only person standing between you and everything you want is (yep, you guessed it) YOU!

The biggest life obstacle for most of us is getting comfortable. I was talking with someone a few days ago who was relaying how amazing her life was and one of the words she used to describe it was comfortable. “That’s great!,”  I said. Then I followed it with my standard next question, “What else is possible?” Interestingly, that’s where most people shut down. It’s easier to tell ourselves a story about having everything we need than it is to open ourselves to wanting more, which comes with the potential of failing. Comfort is our downfall because it is just that – comfortable.

Where in your life are you comfortable? Those are the places to shake things up. TODAY! Do it purposefully, and then get out of your own way. For instance, if you’re not at optimal health, you will never get healthier by continuing to eat the same way. Instead of changing how we eat, though, many of us look for the magic pill that will make us healthier instead of making different choices. Another example is if you’re not getting the results you want at work, and you’re blaming your employees, you won’t get better results by continuing that blame game. Something has to change, and the only thing that you have 100% control over is YOU and the choices you make. Sure, you might be able to tell others what to do, however, they still have the choice to do what you tell them or not. (That’s actually a topic for a future blog.)

For now, though, make a list of all of the areas you feel comfortable in your life. For many couples they are really comfortable in their relationships. Does this mean their relationship is healthy and growing? Not necessarily. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s time to pick a fight as a way to shake things up. However, it is an opportunity for a discussion about what each person needs to take their relationship to the next level. I know you’re probably saying “Barb, my relationship can’t get any better.” I call bullshit. If your relationship doesn’t continue to grow, that means it’s on the decline. One day you may find yourself shaking your head and wondering what the hell just happened! When you take your eye off the ball, what happens to the game? Exactly my point.

So get out of your own way with the “all I want is a comfortable life” bullshit you’re telling yourself. If you don’t, when things suddenly become uncomfortable, you won’t have the tools and resources to handle it, and it will be very painful. However, what’s available to you today is making different choices that keep you moving forward. This is a lesson I remind myself of regularly. For me, it was changing my choices around eating that is creating new possibilities for better health. What is it for you?

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PS: In full transparency, once you think you’ve found your way, then it’s time to get out of your own way again!