Are you a GRATEFUL Leader?

Are you a GRATEFUL Leader?

This Thursday we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States. It happens to be one of my favorite holidays. It’s not because of the food though. It’s my favorite because of the reason for gathering – to give thanks and share what we have to give with others.

I love saying that gratitude isn’t just for Thanksgiving anymore, and it’s something we embody at High5. While I won’t say it happens every time, most of our High5 meetings start with each of us sharing one thing we are grateful for. Also, our High5 journal contains space to list five things each day we are grateful for and why. There is no quicker way to JOY then through GRATITUDE.

So, are you a grateful person? Moreso, are you a grateful leader? Do you practice gratitude with those you lead at work and at home? Do you take the time to tell your teams all of the things you appreciate about them? Do you share with them all of the things they are doing well? Do you tell them why you’re thankful to have them on your team, in your life, and by your side? Is it the things you are grateful for that are getting your attention? Or is it the things you don’t like that you’re focused on? The things you feel aren’t going as well as they should or the things you would do differently, is that what’s getting your attention?

What would be different if you shifted your focus to what’s going right? How would your life look if you shared those things you absolutely love and appreciate about each person and the value they add? What would be different then?

In my experience, EVERYTHING is different. Absolutely everything. And miraculously, when I shift my focus, everything in my life starts to go more smoothly. My stress decreases. My joy increases.

That, my dear leader, is my wish for you this Thanksgiving season and every day.

Start today! Make a short list of what you are grateful for about each of the people on your team at work and share it with them. Notice what happens to their energy, their body language, and their confidence.

Then, make a short list of what you are grateful for about each of the people you will see on Thanksgiving. Spend your day sharing your list and you’ll experience a new level of JOY from your family gathering. The person that drives you the most insane (we all have one of those), that’s the person who you make the longest list for.

Make your lists, and let me know what shifts for you and your people. Be a grateful leader in every aspect of your life. And know that I am grateful for each of you!

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