I Did Something I Thought I Had Never Done

I Did Something I Thought I Had Never Done

This past week I did something I thought I had never done. I paid someone to stretch me.

You see, I recently started running more, and my hips were tight and sore. I knew I needed to stretch, or do some yoga, but in reality, I just wasn’t doing it. So, when I saw the stretch place next to my gym, I figured I’d give it a shot.

I shared with a couple of friends what I had done, indicating that, in a way, I felt silly for paying someone to stretch me. And, then it hit me. I’ve paid many, many times for someone to stretch me, and not only was it OK, it was totally necessary!

Physically, as I was adding extra workouts, my muscles were contracting more and more. If I didn’t take the time to stretch them, they would stay constricted. By learning from an expert where to place my attention and what to do, I am able to expand, which increases my performance and keeps me pain-free.

What I realized is the same is true for my mental, emotional and spiritual health too. This is why I continuously invest in myself by finding coaches, experts, courses, and books to stretch me in those areas. They help me expand and increase my joy. Once I learn something, and make it my own, I get to benefit from it forever. Better yet, I get to pass those benefits on to others so they can expand as well.

Like I did with the stretching help, we often feel silly paying others to do something we think we can do for ourselves. What I realized, again, is that I only know what I know, and I don’t know it all (far from it). What I learned in 25 minutes of being stretched will make a big impact on my well being. I also know the only way I will benefit from that learning is by actually applying it. I’ve got to do the work. Just knowing it doesn’t get me anywhere. AND, now I know there’s more learning where that came from, and I’m going back for a couple more sessions to increase my knowledge, retention and results.

It’s one of those moments I get to practice what I preach. It’s OK to ask for help. It’s vulnerable to ask for help, and once again, I was shown that it takes courage to be vulnerable. In doing so, I will only get stronger, figuratively and literally.

One other thing I found very interesting, and relevant, is the way they got my muscles to expand was by having me contract them. It dawned on me that every time I go into contraction about something, it means I have the opportunity to expand even more. Yes, the joy is in the expansion.. That part is easy to see and feel. However, when we also find the joy in the contraction, because we know it will lead to expansion, now, that’s the good stuff!

Where do you need to be stretched? Are you willing to ask for help to see what’s possible when you expand? Vulnerability really IS the new strong.

BarbIf you are feeling contracted and you want help figuring out the steps to take to expand, let’s hop on a coaching call. Often, it’s a simple step that can free up huge amounts of energy. It’s free. Email me at barb@high5leadership.com to set up a call.  

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