I Know Different vs. I Know Better

I Know Different vs. I Know Better

Which following statement would you rather have someone say to you?

“No, you are doing it wrong,” OR “Can I show you how I do it?”

“That’s not right,” OR “Have you considered…?”

“You’re not making sense,” OR “That doesn’t make sense to me. Will you explain more?”

In each of these scenarios, one statement says I know better and one says I know different.

I know better comes from ego, breaks trust and tears down a relationship.

I know different comes from awareness, builds trust and both parties benefit by expanding their perspective. Also, based on the outcome, it allows them to get to the best solution.

Whenever we think we know better, we stop any kind of effective communication. When we pause, check our egos and our stories as well as stay curious, everything changes for the positive. When you allow someone to share their perspective, they will be more open to hearing yours.

What’s YOUR outcome? If you are committed to building trusting relationships, watch what happens when your story becomes I know different.

I would love to know what you think.

Choose Joy!


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