These Two Words Keep You From Growing

These Two Words Keep You From Growing

I had no idea what a disservice I was doing myself for so many years of my life when someone would offer me the gift of feedback. I would immediately say, “I know.” In fact, I thought I was supposed to know, so even if I didn’t, I said it because I believed others would think less of me if I didn’t know. I was literally robbing myself of growth opportunities right and left.

As soon as we say “I know”, we stop listening, and we shut the other person down. It’s almost as if an invisible wall is instantly erected between the two of us.

Ironically, though, if we know everything we are actually hindering our own growth because there is nothing new for us in what we already know. We grow when we open ourselves up to others who help us see our blind spots. 

That can be scary. It’s vulnerable to admit we don’t know something. And yet, the truly courageous people in our world are those who will drop their walls and realize there is something to learn from every person and every situation.

The next time you feel yourself getting ready to say “I know,” stop, get present and really listen.  When you do that, you will actually be the smartest person in the room.


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