“I’m Getting There”

“I’m Getting There”

I absolutely believe that life is a journey, not a destination and that my responsibility is to be happier and add more value to the world today, than I did yesterday. That said, I also believe that we don’t have to work on “getting there”, we can just claim it in this moment. Let me explain. I was texting this amazing young woman who lets me be a second mom to her.  Someone who is very special to me. Here is an excerpt of our texts.

Her: Thank you for just wanting me to be happy.

Me: That is all I want for my baby girl who is an amazing woman.

Her: Not yet. But I’m getting there.  I will be amazing when I think I am!

Me: Why not choose that now.  You are there!

Her: What do you mean?

Me: You are already amazing. Choose to believe it now.

What I realized, from our exchange, is how many of us are still waiting to “be”, rather than claiming it as our own in this moment.  Whatever our story is in this moment, is going to be our reality.  I will never “be amazing”, if I believe that I’m always working up to it.  This young woman clearly gets it because she said “I will be amazing when I think I am!”  The question is, when will that be?  Will there always be something else that we need to obtain before we think we are amazing, or before we believe we can truly be happy?

Here is the million dollar secret I’m going to let you in on.  Are you ready?  Being amazing, being happy, being love … they are all a choice and it is a choice you make moment by moment. It is not a destination or somewhere you’ve got to get to. If you believe that it is somewhere you’ve got to get to, than it is likely that you will never get there.  However, when you start believing right now, that you are amazing, it is then you will create amazing results in your life.

With any awareness, I always take time to look and see where I’m doing this to myself.  What I could clearly hear myself saying to others as it relates to my fitness level, is “I’m getting there”.  Where is thereanyway?  I know that there is always going to be a next level so “gettingthere” is just an illusion. I tested this all out this morning when I went to the gym.  I chose for my story, “I am fit”, and I gave my 100% in the class. I bested my best from last week and at the end I gave myself a huge High Five! Interesting (or really quite predictable), I then received some major kudos from some of my classmates. I owned it and it became my reality.

That old belief of “I’m getting there” is programmed in us, which means it will take a conscious effort to write a new story in the moment and claim who we are in that moment.  When the old “I’m getting there” story comes up for you, my coaching is to use it as a trigger to write a brand new story, in that moment, that claims your amazing!

Play with this and let me know how it works for you.  Who will you claim to be today?  Here are a few to choose from, or you can come up with your own.

I Am Healthy

I Am Loving

I Am Courageous

I Am Authentic

I Am Amazing

Write your “I Am” story and make it your reality, because you already are that and much, much more. Claim your greatness and then choose to help others claim theirs!