Is There A Place For Joy In The Boardroom?

Is There A Place For Joy In The Boardroom?

When you hear about conversations that happen in company boardrooms, joy isn’t usually the first word that comes up. It’s probably closer to the bottom of the list, leaving us to contemplate the question – is there a place for joy in the boardroom?

Let’s answer that question with a series of other questions. Do you want your customers to be happy? If yes, do you believe that how happy your team is impacts how happy your customers are? If yes, do you believe that how happy the leadership team is impacts how happy the entire team is?

Enter exhibit A.

Let’s call her Barb. She is freezing her butt off, IN HER HOUSE, because she doesn’t have any heat. Barb is super kind at first and requests for it to be fixed. A few days later someone comes to take a look at the problem. Barb doesn’t hear anything for three days and has to ask for an update. The update was “We will get something scheduled and get back to you ASAP.” Barb doesn’t hear anything for another three days and asks for an update. She gets a snippy “We said we were getting it scheduled and would get back to you.” Fast forward 10 days, and Barb is becoming impatient. She is not a satisfied customer. Barb is not enjoying dealing with the team. They don’t seem very happy. And then, by chance, Barb got to meet the boss, and it all became crystal clear. Barb gave him a business card. He hasn’t called yet.

If there isn’t joy in the boardroom, there won’t be joy in the lunchroom. And, if there isn’t joy in the lunchroom, there won’t be joy on the bottom line. There is a direct correlation. 

It’s tough for most people to look in the mirror when things aren’t going well. Executives are no different, and depending on how they got to their position, it could be a key missing element in the puzzle of their business. Quite often they’re looking OUT at the people in the organization to see who is to blame, while the only true way to get next level results is by looking IN.

It takes a lot of courage to look in and accept responsibility for what’s transpiring in your organization (or in your family). What I will absolutely promise you is that when you have the courage to do the inner work, the outer work you’re doing will become easier. Those around you will flourish as well.

When you focus on the people, starting with yourself, the numbers will come. When you focus on the numbers, the people will leave.

How will you create more JOY for yourself and all those around you today? Real joy doesn’t happen by chance, it happens because of your choices.

Choose JOY!


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