Is Your Energy Sustainable?

Today’s blog was written by Vicki Werling, regular contributor and trainer/coach extraordinaire!

Recently, I attended an all-day conference where the speakers shared their stories, ideas and techniques for being authentically you and empowering yourself to be the best version of you. It was great messaging and definitely topics I practice and continue to learn more about on my own journey. One particular question stuck with me – Are you being responsible with the energy you are putting into this world? “Am I?”, I thought to myself. Are You? Is your energy a renewable source, feeding and fueling the environments around you and within you in a positive and sustainable way? Or, conversely, are the energy and attitude you choose to share depleting and adding more toxins into your environment?

There’s a lot of focus today around sustainable and renewable energy for our planet. It is critical we, as a world, find ways to create, maintain and use a cleaner, more efficient and more innovative responsible energy source for the future. I also believe it is EQUALLY important that each of us is a source of energy that builds up, creates positive vibrations and naturally fuels JOY. Each of us is responsible for how we show up in this world. You are responsible for the attitude, energy and influence you bring into every relationship you experience, including the relationship with yourself. In order to have efficient, innovative, creative, loving and sustainable energy, it requires that we focus on being personally responsible for our own energy as well as purposeful with our thoughts, actions and words. We must be clear on the impact and outcome we wish to create.

With the busy holiday season officially underway, it can be easy to fall into the hustle and bustle trap, allowing external pressures to deplete our energy and even using that as an excuse to be less than our best selves. So many demands are made on our time, resources, and wallets. Make the choice to be a powerful, positive and uplifting energy source today and every day. Understand what fuels you and sustains you in a way that supports you being the best version of you. Also, be aware of what drains you and depletes your energy. 

“Turn off the lights” was a common statement I heard growing up, and I find myself saying it to my own children. Turn off the lights to save energy. Be responsible with the energy we are consuming. Are there areas in your life where you may benefit from “turning off the lights”? Do you unplug, turn off the external noise and create time to relax, recharge and replenish? It’s time to take back control of YOUR energy consumption, and focus on being personally responsible for the energy you are putting into the world. Create clean, powerful, joyful and sustainable energy! The biggest energy will always prevail. Isn’t it time for that energy to be your authentic, best self? ~ Vicki Werling