It’s My Birthday! Three Lessons From The Past Year And Three Outcomes For The Year Ahead

It’s My Birthday! Three Lessons From The Past Year And Three Outcomes For The Year Ahead

It’s my birthday today! Every trip around the sun offers the opportunity to grow and become better than the year before.

While it’s been a year of tremendous growth and insight, I’m going to limit these to just three things that I learned (or relearned, as I tend to do) in my last year. Then I’ll share my three outcomes for the year ahead.

1.  Momentum creates momentum. It’s been a busy year, especially over the last six months. The High5 team was just talking this morning about the progress we’ve made. Busy people get way more done. The key is balance. When it’s time to focus, then focus. When it’s time to play, then play!

2.  My story is only my story. So I teach this personal growth stuff, right? And I live it too. Something that has made a huge difference in my relationships is just being real with others about the story that I’m telling myself as a result of whatever happened. Simply stating “The story I’m telling myself about…” does two things. First, I can see it for what it is, a story. Second, instead of mind reading and internalizing, I’m opening conversation so both parties are in alignment. It really helps to make sure we are all seeing the same thing and tracking towards the same outcome!

3.  I have so much more to give! Every time I give more, I receive even more back, which then opens the door to give even more and so on. Staying focused on my purpose and passion, continues to open the door to new possibilities. It’s when I contract (close in on myself) that everything slows down and feels bad. When I expand and share my gifts, everything opens up, and it feels oh so sweet!

1. Love harder. This starts with loving myself harder, and then going into every situation looking through the lens of love asking “What would love do?”

2. Have more SILLY FUN! For me working is fun, which means I spend a lot of time doing that. This year I will have more playful and silly FUN! I believe it will up my joy factor!

3. Take more risks. It’s time to keep expanding my comfort zone. I look forward to sharing with you in future blogs about the risks I’ve taken and the results. If it’s not a smashing success, it will definitely be an amazing learning, and most likely, a good story!

I am grateful for the past year. Every single minute of it. I have fallen down and gotten back up. I have had tremendous JOY. I’ve deepened relationships. I’ve messed things up. I’ve learned SO MUCH! And I am ready to do it again and do it just a little bit better.

Most of all I am grateful for you, my co-conspirators in making this a more positive, more aware, more loving, more kind and more joyful world.

Thank you!

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