The Sure-Fire Way to Keep This Year’s Resolutions!

The Sure-Fire Way to Keep This Year’s Resolutions!

Every New Year’s Eve I have a ritual of reflecting on the past year and writing the story of what I want the year ahead to be. That story includes my vision for what I’d like to accomplish, how I want to show up all year, how I’d like my relationships to be, what I want for my health – you get the idea. This vision then turns into my outcomes.

Now, some would argue that those sound a lot like New Year’s resolutions. AND, in years past, I did set New Year’s resolutions, and every year, as much as I resolved to do this or that, it wasn’t long before I was back to doing things the same old way and getting the same old results. I would make a long list that included all of the old standards like lose weight, exercise more, get more sleep, etc. On January 1st I would be all fired up, and I would do great! Then, at some point, old programming would take over and so would my old behaviors. I had the best intentions, however, I wasn’t committed. I’ll bet you’ve done the same things at some point in your life too.

Whether we call them outcomes or New Year’s resolutions doesn’t really matter. What matters is how we go about them.

  1. Make sure the outcomes are always focused on the positive. What you want (to be healthy) versus what you don’t want (not to be fat, which we make sound better by saying lose weight). What we focus on is what grows for us. We lose the weight and then we gain it all back, and then some, because we take our eyes off the outcome.
  2. Have a very solid WHY to back them up. Why do you want that outcome? Why else? Why else? Without a really strong WHY, pick a different outcome to give your attention to because you won’t stay committed. Maybe your why for being healthy is so you’ll be able to play with your grandchildren. The more emotionally connected you can get to it, the better.
  3. Connect to a feeling. How will it feel when you reach your outcome? What will it look like? What will you hear, see, taste, smell? How will you celebrate? Who else will benefit? The clearer that picture is, the more determined you’ll remain.
  4. Write down that story you just created in your mind. The more descriptive the stronger it will be. Remember, though, don’t fill in the details of HOW you get there. If you do, you’ll create roadblocks for yourself because you think it has to be accomplished a certain way. Stay focused on your outcome and leave room for the magic.
  5. The same resolve that you have when making your resolutions on January 1 needs to show up on January 2, January 15, February 26, July 8, November 13, December 31 AND EVERY DAY IN BETWEEN. THIS IS KEY!! You must recommit to those outcomes each and every day. If you really want it, you won’t take a day off. Read your story every day. Stay connected to why you want that. Make it come alive and see yourself there. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Then it becomes your new way of life and not just an event.

These steps are the only sure-fire way to keep your New Year’s resolutions and every day is the start of a new year.


This tool will help you stay focused on your outcomes all year!

The journal has a page to write your story every 30 days along with daily outcomes to keep you moving toward it. Normally, you would have to attend one of our High5 Leadership classes to get it. However, right now, it’s our gift to you to help you get the things you want in your life. Fine Print Warning – you will have to use it for it to help you.

Make this the year you stop asking WTF about what’s happening in your life and start asking WTO (What’s The Outcome?). When you stay focused on your outcomes, everything changes.


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