Leader Intensive Course

The ultimate in delivering transformational experiences, our three-day Intensive takes your team on a journey where they stop asking WTF and they start asking WTO -What’s The Outcome? This isn’t a typical corporate leadership class. We are experts in building high-performing teams based on our T3 Model of Trust * Transparency * Teamwork. The only way to build an authentic, trusting team is by first waking up each individual, then tearing down the walls and personal agendas between the team members, followed by having a shared team outcome that everyone accepts responsibility for. They create this team in class and have the tools to recreate it in the workplace. It’s scientific magic!

Our sweet spot is working with organizational teams of 25 or more. This same class is offered publicly for smaller teams or individuals to experience the same transformation.

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What to Expect at an Intensive Class


Your team will need to be at the training location by 9:45 a.m. on Day One. We will provide you with the tools to send them off and set them up for success.

Day 1

We lay the foundation for all they will learn and experience throughout the three days. They become aware of the stories they tell themselves that hold them back. They will learn tools to improve their communication and leadership skills. They will start the process of setting professional and personal outcomes.

Day 2

Day two introduces experiences of how it feels to live life at a higher vibration, or energy level. They will learn and practice the key elements of building a high-performing team. They will also connect with the importance of the choices they make every day, and they will refine their outcomes.

Day 3

The last day is the most powerful because it pulls everything together. First, team members will gain a new perspective on old stories, and they will see a bigger vision of their lives. They will use that information to finalize their outcomes and write the story of what will be moving forward. Finally, they will test their new skills in the last process. Knowledge is only valuable when it’s applied.


This is a celebration of everything each individual has worked for over the last three days. Members of your organization will want to attend their graduation either in person, or virtually, to celebrate the growth and transformation of this team.


Sustainability is key for us! Your team will be leaving with several tools we provide for sustaining their learning. In addition, for the first four weeks, each class team will attend a 60-minute call to check in on their progress and reinforce key points. After that, there will be regularly scheduled check-ins to support team members as they continue to integrate their learning into their work and home lives.

“2016 we bested our best and now 2017 is a record.”
“Everyone in my company will go through this training.”
“It has been the best investment I have ever made.”