Leadership Attitude – Is it Time for an Adjustment?

Leadership Attitude – Is it Time for an Adjustment?

by Vicki Werling

Here’s a question for you: “How’s your attitude?” Sounds like a pretty straight forward question right? Give it some serious thought, how are you choosing to show up every day as a leader? Whether you have the title of “leader” or not – YOU are a leader. Each of us has the opportunity every day to lead whether it be at work, in our communities, within our families and first and foremost how we lead ourselves. So, how are you showing up as a leader every day and what attitude are you bringing with you? Leadership is not a role or title. It is how you think, feel and see yourself and most importantly how you behave as a leader.

Show me a leader with a lousy attitude and you’ll find low engagement, poor productivity and most team members spending their lunch time reviewing job postings on indeed.com or rewriting their resume. It may sound simple enough, however research has shown that choosing a positive leadership attitude is an often overlooked and underutilized leadership attribute. As a leader, how do you motivate, engage, build confidence and inspire teams to grow with a lousy attitude? The truth is you can’t. It may be time for an attitude adjustment and the first place to look may be in your own mirror.

One of the greatest influences a leader can have on their team is to show up with a positive attitude and to find opportunities throughout the day to encourage positive attitudes on their team.

Attitude is often defined as a way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior. Recent research by Stanford University has identified a positive attitude is a better indicator of success than intelligence.

Raise your success factor and your JOY factor by adjusting your attitude. Be aware of how you are showing up in every relationship in your life and choose to be the positive role model. Choose to be the one who finds the positive in the situation and encourages others to do the same.

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