Life Happens

Life Happens

After an amazing Labor Day weekend with friends in Lake Tahoe, my husband and I took the red-eye home to Chicago last night. Our flight arrived at 5:00 am this morning, and within 20 minutes of landing, we were in our ride share on our way home. Everything was running smoothly, which we needed. The combination of the big weekend and the red-eye flight made us understandably tired. We were both REALLY looking forward to getting home to some quality sleep in our bed.

During the drive home, our driver told us about a sketchy experience he’d had with a large pothole earlier that morning, and, as if on cue, the rear tire blew out. The words were still hanging in the air, and he was working to control the car as he pulled over. So, now, instead of being home in our comfy bed, we were standing on the side of a Chicago interstate while our driver worked to change the tire. Naturally, it started to rain. My husband and I looked at each other and laughed.

Not so long ago, one, or both, of us would have been ridiculously irritated by the whole experience. Today, we chose differently, and that’s the point. We CHOSE to respond in a different way.

There’s no way we could have controlled any of that happening. We did have 100% control over how we responded to it though. What good would it have done to be mad that the tire blew? How would it have benefitted us to be angry with the driver? Would it have changed anything or gotten us home any sooner if we’d been ugly about it?

Life happens. We hear it all the time, and it’s absolutely true. Every day there are challenges and circumstances in our lives that are less than awesome. It’s crucial to understand the way we respond to those events has the power to impact us as well as all the people we come in contact with. Our negativity has a ripple effect, AND so does our positivity. We don’t often choose the things that happen to us. However, we ALWAYS get to choose how we respond to them. ~Michelle Fink

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