Listen With The Same Passion You Want To Be Heard

Listen With The Same Passion You Want To Be Heard

We are human. We want to be heard. It’s not just about hearing our words. It’s about hearing US. We want others to hear who we are, what’s important to us, and why it matters. So, why is it that we so often feel like nobody hears us, and they just don’t get us?

It’s likely because they are listening from their view of the world instead of truly being present and hearing our view of the world.  AND, it’s likely you are doing the same thing to them.

I do it. I don’t like that I do it, but I do it. It’s my outcome to listen every time. I’m not there yet.

What would be different if we listened to others with the same passion that we want to be heard? I’ve seen it change everything in a relationship. Everything.

What was silent and lurking is now audible and exposed. And, now that it’s in the light, it can be discussed. Even better, if there’s a shared outcome, it can be used to move the relationship forward. This is true in our intimate relationships and our professional relationships. We all want to be heard.

Do you practice listening? It’s the number one leadership skill that we ALL use, and yet, so very few of us actually practice it. Leadership is a practice.

Why do we want to practice listening? How will it benefit us?

  • It builds trust, and it’s likely the fastest way to build trust.
  • Everyone is more productive because we can make sure we are all on the same page.
  • We check our stories with each other and stay focused on our outcome rather than mindreading the other person, and potentially, taking what they say out of context.
  • We feel better about ourselves because we have more positive relationships.

When you take a moment to examine where you’re not fully hearing those in your life, I’m positive you can come up with your own benefits about what would be different if you really heard each other.

Do it today. Listen with the same passion that you want to be heard. If you want others to do it for you then you GO FIRST! It matters. YOU matter. Every person, every interaction matters.

I hear you.


Do you believe you’re a great listener? I know I thought I was until I learned otherwise. We all have blind spots. Is this one of yours? Where is it holding you back? Let’s schedule a call to find out. The conversation is free. The learning is priceless!

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