Live Transparently

Live Transparently

One of High5 Leadership’s core values is Transparency, hence the name of this blog. There are different definitions of the word transparent. Ours is very simple … what you see is what you get. Our promise to you is that we will be real and we will be true to ourselves. Personally, the only thing I have to give you is me. I’ve learned a few things that I’ve found helpful in my own life and my hope is that when I share those things that I will add value to your life.

Think about what it means to be transparent. It means you’ve got nothing to hide and people see you for who you really are. For a lot of people, the thought of that is really scary because they spend so much time pretending to be someone else. They don’t think they are good enough or that people won’t like them if they are real. I know because that was me.

What happens is we as humans build walls around our true selves thinking that if we protect ourselves we won’t be hurt or let down. Or that people will only see what we want them to see. It doesn’t always work out that way though. I’ve participated in and also facilitated a process where individuals, who had only known each other a short time, gave very specific feedback to each other. They were amazed to realize that they weren’t really hiding what they thought they were hiding. Those walls that we hide behind? They are transparent.

When I realized that it was like this giant weight was lifted off of my shoulders. First, I realized that everyone else had their own “stuff” that they were dealing with, that I’m not the only one. Second, if the walls are transparent there was certainly no reason to keep hiding behind them. I also figured out that the people that I want to hang around with are those that are real. The more transparent I became the more cool people I attracted into my life. That’s how it works.

Stop hiding and start living. Focus on real relationships that add value. That’s what living a High5 life is all about. Choosing to embrace all of you and then sharing the gift of you with others. That’s the person I want to hang out with!

How will you be more transparent today with those closest to you? Let me know what happens.