My Rules For Internet Engagement

My Rules For Internet Engagement

This week’s blog comes to us courtesy of High5 friend, Karol Hartzell!

A few years ago, I left a job where I felt like I was constantly under scrutiny – living in a glass box. One of the things I learned, and is still a huge benefit for me, is to protect my privacy, my soul, and my life. As a result, I have a trusted circle, and in that circle, I am open, honest, and vulnerable. I choose not to put my issues on the internet. What this means for me is that I ask myself four questions before I post ANYTHING on social media.

Here are my rules for social media engagement.

  1. Who will it benefit? Me is an okay answer here, as well as, it will make someone laugh.
  2. Is this something I will be proud of or happy to see in the future? Facebook has intermittent memories appear in my feed. Is this something I would want to see again?
  3. Does this hurt anyone?
  4. Am I okay with this being on the interent FOREVER? Once something is posted, it’s always out there.

Social media does have some great features! I believe it’s an incredible tool. It’s a good way to stay in touch with family and friends (I live far away from my family, so it’s nice to see things about their lives). I have networked and asked advice. I have also used it as a living scrapbook for memories.

On the other hand, some people use social media as a trashcan for all the garbage around them. What is the benefit of putting your garbage on the internet? Does it do anything positive for you, or anyone else, to “vent” to the world? I submit that negativity is negativity, no matter how you wrap it up.

I challenge everyone to think before you post? Use these four rules, or come up with your own guidelines. Remember though, it’s likely that post or picture will be on the internet FOREVER once it’s posted. SOOO… make it something positive, uplifting, touching, encouraging, or even funny. HAPPY POSTING! ~Karol Hartzell

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