There Is No Such Thing As 99% COMMITTED

There Is No Such Thing As 99% COMMITTED

I read an article the other day that illuminated the difference between being interested and being committed in a way that struck me as genius. There is a big difference between the two! It’s easy to see what we are committed to simply by looking at the choices we make. Do you say you’re committed to healthy eating and then make unhealthy food choices? Do you say you’re committed to spending more time with family and then opt for happy hour?

When we leave ANY wiggle room in a commitment, even if it’s just 1%, it actually makes that commitment feel HARDER to keep, and that’s when we are most likely to break our word. It’s the wiggle room that gives our stories a chance to start working on us. “You deserve that cookie.” “Just this once.” “The boss will be there. You really should go.” It’s harder because then we’ve got a decision to make instead of simply being committed and the decision is already made, so we just stick to it.

When we leave wiggle room, that one cookie turns into two. Just this once turns into twice, and the one missed soccer game becomes several missed games. Then to make matters worse, we’ve lost all trust in ourselves, and most likely, others have lost trust in us too. Trust is the foundation of all of our relationships including the one we have with ourselves.

Think twice before making a commitment, and when you make one, close all the loop holes. A strong commitment is backed by a strong WHY. If you don’t have a good reason to make the commitment, then don’t make it. Do all your relationships a favor and be real with yourself (and others). Make it easier on yourself too.

When you make a commitment, be 100% committed because then there is only one choice – to do what you said you would do. Now doesn’t that make sense?

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