4 Ways to Improve the Relationship with Yourself and Improve Other Relationships Too

4 Ways to Improve the Relationship with Yourself and Improve Other Relationships Too

At High5 we believe the most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. Do you believe that? If you do, then you will spend time every day working on that relationship. It’s only after we get that relationship working well that the rest of our relationships start working well too.

So how do you work on your relationship with yourself? Here are just a few ways.

1. Practice self-compassion. You are going to fall down. We all do. When it happens, treat yourself like you just adopted yourself from an animal shelter. You would never talk to that adopted pet the way you talk to yourself. Give yourself plenty of walks, play time and long naps in the sun.

2. Start your day by identifying three things that you love about yourself. Rather than looking in the mirror and finding the things you don’t like, find three things that you DO like. Say them out loud to yourself (i.e. I have great eyes, I love my hair, I give the best hugs), and then look at yourself and tell yourself that you love yourself. Yes, it will likely be VERY uncomfortable at first, however, to step into your massive potential it starts with creating a loving relationship with yourself.

3. Increase your level of self-awareness. Take time each day to read a self-improvement book, and journal about an old story you recognized that didn’t benefit you and the new one you wrote. This isn’t a temporary experience … it is the start of an adventure of a lifetime!

4. Get quiet. Many people constantly have the radio or TV on because they want the distraction from their own thoughts. The more you become aware of your thoughts, and practice creating the ones you want, the less you will need the distractions. When you do turn on the radio or TV, it will be a conscious choice.

Practice each of these four ways today and every day. Watch how your relationship with yourself improves and how your relationship with everyone else improves too.