3 Reasons to Simplify the Complex

3 Reasons to Simplify the Complex

Have you ever made something harder than it needed to be? All. The. Time. Why do we do that? Usually because we are not being in the moment. Instead we are either bringing a story from our past to the situation and making it more complicated … or we are predicting a future, which is not usually a positive one. We all do it because we’ve practiced doing it that way for years. However, many people, myself included, have discovered that being present and in the moment with a situation allows us to see it for what it is and keep it simple. Simply respond to what is happening, based on your outcome (i.e. to find the positive) and keep moving forward. It’s simple but not always easy. It takes practice and patience.

Here though are 3 important reasons to simplify the complex in your world.

1. You will enjoy your life more. The things that seemed so important yesterday will be replaced with moments of joy and wonder when you spend a moment looking out the window appreciating the blue sky and fluffy white clouds. When is the last time you really saw them? And while you’re taking a moment to breathe, the solution to the problem pops into your mind because you allowed the space for it.

2. You will be healthier. Stress causes so many nasty health issues. You know the difference between how you feel when you are stressed and when you aren’t. When you feel the stress happening, stop and ask yourself “How else can I approach this?” Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and look for the first step you can take toward the solution. That’s it. The whole thing doesn’t need to be figured out in this moment – just the first step. See how much stress that already lifts?

3. Your relationships will improve. Why? Because you will actually be there for the other person. You will listen to what they are saying/asking and provide that, instead of being so caught up in your own thoughts that you don’t give them what they need. That’s what happens when you overcomplicate things. Relationships are simple when both parties refrain from bringing old stories or future projections into the present moment. Just show up authentically for what that moment needs.

Some of you may be thinking that I’m speaking a foreign language when I talk about simplifying and being present. I know there was a time when I would have wondered what that meant myself and how to do it. There really is something to all of this. If you are curious, and want to explore more, email me at Barb@High5Leadership.com and let’s chat.

Take time to “smell the roses” and life will become immeasurably better. Maybe there is a better way than what you’ve been doing. If there is, wouldn’t you want to know now?