The Gift Is In The Fall

The Gift Is In The Fall

I fall down. A lot.

It’s getting easier to accept the falls though. I get up faster and faster. AND, leadership is a practice.

Doing the work doesn’t mean I don’t fall. It actually means I fall more often. The quicker I get up, the more opportunities I have to fall, which is truly where the gift is. If we choose it.

I fell this week, or at least, I stumbled.

I decided to facilitate the set-up of our Enthusiasm Process in a class. For the last few years, my team members, Kevin and Chad, have been doing it. I know they do it better than I do, so it made sense for me to have them do it. Right?

Sure, at some level. However, if I didn’t get better, what kind of example was I setting?

I was excited! I had seen them do it enough times. I just knew I would nail it.

I didn’t.

The class didn’t know the difference, and we got to the outcome, so does it really matter?

Yes, it matters because I know I have more! I won’t sympathy vote myself, and let myself off the hook.

You know I easily could, right? I could just always have someone else do the process, and in the rare times I did it, I could get through it. What would that say about me as a leader though? Why would I expect any of my team to continually go next level if I don’t lead the way?

Falling down was the gift. Between now and the next class, I will seek feedback from my team and practice the process. These things and this lesson will make me better.

The gift was in the fall because it allowed me to look at where else I’ve gone back into my comfort zone and to make a different choice.

It’s the FALLS that lead to the WINS! Keep falling, my friends, and if you need help getting up, I’ve got your back!

If you’re feeling stuck, and you want help figuring out the steps to take for getting unstuck, let’s hop on a coaching call. Often, it’s a simple step that can free up huge amounts of energy. The call is free. Email me at to schedule your call.

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