The Healing Power Of Gratitude

The Healing Power Of Gratitude

A good friend called me recently to tell me her mom was in the hospital after having a stroke. It had only been two days, and she was already showing marked improvement. We chatted for a bit and my friend shared something powerful with me that I believe is important for us all to practice.

What she told me is that while she was sitting with her mom in the ICU, she asked her mom to share something she was grateful for. She went on to say she got out a notebook, and her mom dictated more than a half page of things she was grateful for. When she left that evening both of them were feeling lighter and more hopeful.

I’ve written about gratitude many times, and I will continue to write about it because it really is the most remarkable healer there is. You cannot be negative, sad, angry, hurt, or any other low vibration emotion, and be grateful at the same time. It is not possible.

When we shift our focus from what’s going wrong to what’s going right, everything changes in that moment. We are 100% at choice as to what gets our attention. I’m not saying it’s always easy. I am saying it’s ALWAYS available.

Let’s take a look at a few challenges that have been shared with me over the last year and what became possible when the focus shifted to gratitude.

A house fire that required the family to be relocated was immediately shifted to gratitude that everyone was safe, and they could still celebrate the holiday together.

A job lay-off that, when shifted to gratitude, resulted in two different offers that were better than what was lost.

The loss of a loved one, when shifted to gratitude, the focus became the love and joy that this person gave the family. My friend stayed thankful for the times they had, which helped heal the loss quicker.

These are a few life-altering examples. However, what’s possible with the challenge you have at work if you make a list of what you’re grateful for about that person or situation before tackling it? What’s possible with each of your relationships, if you stop when you are frustrated or angry, and shift your attention to what you like and love about that person?

Develop a gratitude practice so in those moments when it appears there’s nothing to be grateful for you can fall back on your practice to shift your energy to move forward.

Gratitude is an incredibly powerful tool, and it’s available to you right now! What are you grateful for?!

Gratefully yours,


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