The Irony Of Patience

The Irony Of Patience

A friend relayed a story the other day about observing an older gentleman walking into a grocery store. The man got upset at a car that sped by him. His words at the car were “You should be more patient with old people.” The irony, in that moment, is that HE wasn’t being patient.

Now, I agree we shouldn’t run over the elderly, or anyone for that matter. The question is, though, where are we expecting others to practice behaviors that we ourselves aren’t practicing?

Would you like your supervisor to be more patient with you when you make a mistake? Well, then, look at how you are treating those who report to you when they make a mistake. Would you prefer that your supervisor reframe that mistake into a learning opportunity? Hmmm, do you do that for your team?

Interestingly, the irony continues because leadership isn’t about leading others. It’s about leading ourselves in such a way that others want to follow that lead. When we do right by ourselves, we will do right with others.

The busy-ness of the holiday season, along with closing out the year, leaves many people stressed and very impatient. Parents get frustrated with their kids. Shoppers get frustrated with the lines. And managers get frustrated with team members who want time off while there is still work to be done. What would be possible if YOU brought more patience to all of these areas?

Let the kids be kids and join in on their joy. Someday they’ll be serious like you, and you will have missed the moment. You. Go. First!

Share a smile with the people in line and say something nice to the clerk who has been dealing with everyone’s impatience and frustration. You can be the sunshine on a cloudy day (You’re welcome if you now have that song in your head all day). You. Go. First!

Sit down with your team members and put together a plan that works for everyone. When you acknowledge their wants and needs, they are much more likely to acknowledge yours. You. Go. First! When you are impatient with others, look for where they may be impatient with you and be the person who creates a win/win!

On that note, I wish you a very happy holiday season filled with amazing memories and loads of fun! It’s yours for the choosing and I hope that you do!

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