The unhappy truth about your team Zoom happy hours

The unhappy truth about your team Zoom happy hours

Let’s take a glimpse into the mind of your remote team member.

“It’s 4:30 pm and I’m logging onto Zoom yet again today. I really wish I had bought Zoom stock. It’s time for the team happy hour, and to be honest, I’m not overly happy about it. I’ve been on video calls all day, and instead of having a glass of wine with the team, I’d prefer to have it with my significant other, or even alone. I don’t want to be labeled as a non-team player though. Sooo, I’ll hit JOIN MEETING. Hopefully, it will only be a happy half-hour.”

OUCH! As the manager who organized the happy hour, that might hurt. Honestly, it’s not as if you’re overly excited about it either, but you need to do something to keep your team together right now. Don’t you? You do! You think to yourself, “But I’m doing all sorts of team activities like “they” suggested.”

YES, you are, and early on in the COVID-19 situation, those activities provided some much-needed security and connection. Now, though, your team is looking for something a little deeper. And, aren’t you too?

Team activities only take you so far. Team building is what you need, although, the two often get confused. Team building is about tearing down the walls of self-protection that keep a group from becoming a trusting, transparent and high-performing team.

When is the last time you met with each of your team members individually and asked about their hopes and dreams? Their fears and concerns? Do you know what they value most so you can find ways to honor that? Conversely, and just as importantly, have you shared the same with them?

If you want to know the real them, you will need to let them see the real you. You go first. If you don’t believe me, ask your team.

Stay tuned for our next edition of A Glimpse into the Mind of Your Remote Team Member (or any team member, for that matter).

We are #justgettingstarted!

Until then, cheers!