Three Reasons Why Vulnerability is the New Strong

The tides have been incredibly low recently, and I spent time exploring the tide pools with all of their hidden treasures between the rocks. I took photos of the long, silky grasses and mossy, green growth. I jumped from rock to rock with the joy of a child, and I thought about the wonderful treasures I have discovered as I’ve allowed myself to be fully seen by others.

It can be really scary to be seen. Most of us actually hide from ourselves, so the first step is being willing to look inside. When you see something you don’t like, be willing to let it surface. Following are three ways you will benefit from being vulnerable and being seen for the amazing, imperfect human that you are.

It Deepens Connections. When someone is willing to be vulnerable with us, it creates a deeper bond and connection. One of my favorite moments in the classroom is when the participants realize everyone in there is dealing with crap in their lives, and they are not the only one who has problems. It is an instant connection, and the judgement starts dropping away. They start to see the similarities instead of the differences. Yes, you are worthy of love and connection, and people desire to know the real you. This is true in all of your relationships both at work and at home.

It Raises Our Vibe. Once we get over the intial fear and actually allow ourselves to have a vulnerable moment, it instantly frees us from that fear and raises our energy. The sense of connection allows us to experience more love and joy.

It Helps Us Grow. It is flat uncomfortable to be vulnerable, which means it is way outside of our comfortable comfort zone. Every time we have the courage to ask for help, to let others see how we really feel, to put ourselves out there and do something new, we are growing exponentially. Every step helps you build trust in the relationship you have with yourself, which will lead to you finding the courage to take the next risk.

Will you ever get hurt by being vulnerable? Yes, because there are people out there who just don’t get it, or as I like to say, they don’t know what they don’t know. Weed those people out of your life and stick with the ones who matter.

I was anti-vulnerability for much of my life. I saw it as weakness. Today I know it’s my greatest strength. It’s ok to start small though – just dip a toe in the vulnerability waters. Living a life of joy means accepting and loving ALL of you!

How will you be seen today?

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