Three Words

Three Words

Today’s blog is interactive!

You don’t need to write anything down. You only need to be honest with yourself. Not everyone is willing to do that. It’s where the new possibilities lie though. You are always at choice.

The exercise is simple. Come up with three words that describe/define your relationship with your dad. Whether or not he is still alive, or you’ve never known him, you still had some type of relationship with him. Do that now.

Next, do the same thing about your relationship with your mom. What three words describe/define that relationship? It’s likely they’re different from the words for your dad. And, by the way, you’re doing great!

Now, pick someone in your life who challenges you. It may be someone at work. It may be someone in your personal life. What three words apply to that relationship?

Stick with me. We aren’t there yet. Let’s connect a couple dots though, and then we’ll get to where this is going.

When we think about someone, it’s fairly easy to describe/define that relationship with a little reflection. They aren’t just words though. That description is also comprised of feelings and memories. It’s usually a body, mind, and heart experience. Each of us has a different, unique experience with everyone in our lives. If we can define/describe our relationships like this, then others can describe/define, in the same way, their relationships with us.

Now think about the most significant relationships you have both at home and at work. What three words would those people use to describe/define their relationship with you? Are you willing to tell yourself the truth? Are you showing up in those relationships as a role model? If those three words aren’t what you’d like them to be, the time to make different choices is now.

I texted my High5 team and asked them to send me the three words they would use to describe their relationship with me and to be 100% honest. I go first. Each person sent different words. In those words, I could see how different my relationship is with each of them, AND I can see what new possibilities exist for us as well.

Every choice we make counts. Every interaction counts. We are creating those three words.

Live the life that creates the words you want. Your life is your message.

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High5 Choices lead to High5 Moments to create your High5 Life!