Turn Up The Volume On Your Life

Turn Up The Volume On Your Life

You are driving in your car. The windows are rolled down. The sun is shining. There is only open road ahead of you, and your absolute favorite song starts playing on the radio. What do you do?

YOU TURN UP THE VOLUME AND SING YOUR FOOL HEAD OFF AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS! That’s what you do! It’s one of those moments that everything is going your way. You love life and life loves you. Yep, the perfect moment! More of those, please!

Conversely, you are driving in your car, and a song that you don’t like at all comes on the radio. What do you do? Usually, it’s one of two things – change the station to find a new song OR turn it off completely. Unless, you are someone who feels like you’ve got to listen to songs you don’t enjoy because there might be something good following that you don’t want to miss, that’s typically what happens (fear of missing out [FOMO] at it’s finest).

So, how do we turn up the volume on our lives to have every moment be like that perfect moment described above? You probably aren’t going to love my answer.


Life is a series of stories that you are telling yourself in every moment of every day. When you are telling yourself a good story, one that benefits you, one that creates a win/win, one that is positive, one that brings you joy – TURN UP THE VOLUME. Keep listening to it. Enhance it. Make it even better.

When you are telling yourself a crappy story, either shut it off (easier said then done most of the time) or change the station. Write a positive story, and then turn the volume up on that.

You are in charge of your own volume control. Where is it set? Are you afraid to turn it up in fear of what others might think? Are you more committed to that comfort zone of yours than to finding out what’s possible when you step into your potential? Most people ARE because they don’t want to accept responsibility for their choices. They want to blame their volume on someone else. As long as you allow someone else to set your volume, they will be running your life instead of you running it. What would be possible if you lived life YOUR way?

Now, if you are someone who feels like you need to listen to your crap stories, or that you will miss out if you change the station, HEAR THIS.  You are worthy of having only good stories in your life. It is time to change the station and pick only the songs you want to hear.

Create your own playlist – one that will raise you up, bring you joy, fill you with love, create success and belonging. Find your playlist that will have you dancing in the streets as you create the life you want and deserve.

If you are not living life YOUR way, I invite you to have a free 30-minute call with one of our coaches to see if our High5 Intensive class would be a good fit for you. We absolutely guarantee that it will have you turning up the volume in every area of your life. Are you ready for more? Email us at info@high5leadership.com to set up your call.

Now, go turn on your favorite song. Crank up the volume and sing your fool head off at the top of your lungs!

Choose Joy!