Your Universal Truth

Your Universal Truth

Your Universal Truth

Which is your truth?

The Universe (the world, life, God, everyone) is AGAINST me.

The Universe (the world, life, God, everyone) is FOR me.

Often we waffle back and forth between the two. When things don’t go exactly as we’d like them to, we think the universe is against us. When things are going well, we either think we got lucky or were blessed in some way, and the universe is on our side. All of this waffling requires a lot more energy, contains a lot more upset, and all of the maple syrup in the world isn’t going to make the waffles sweet.

You’ve had a time where, initially, something looked very, very bad, and in the end, it turned out to be a great thing. What if everything that happened in your life really was for your good? Or an even better question is WHAT IF you lived your life like everything that happened was for your good?

Likely you’d stop focusing on the negative and would start to see the positive everywhere. You’d stop feeling sorry for yourself and have more compassion for others. You might stop blaming other people for making your life miserable, and you’ll see that you caused all that for yourself. You’ll be living in a completely different energy.

Both of the above choices are available to you. When I made the second choice, my truth, everything, changed for the positive. Now I truly look for the gift and JOY in every situation, and Choose Joy is my mantra. If option #1 has been your reality, it will seem crazy to pick option #2. However, give it a shot, and see which of those two options benefits you the most.

Today choose to believe that the Universe has your back, and everything that happens is for your good. What’s different?