Use These 5 Easy Ways Today to Engage with the Disengaged Members of Your Team

Use These 5 Easy Ways Today to Engage with the Disengaged Members of Your Team

Which of these describes you at work (or during work hours)? Be honest with yourself.

  • Surf the internet / check social media
  • Shop on-line
  • Make personal phone calls
  • Go to unnecessary meetings
  • Socialize with others
  • Take naps
  • Play video games

Gallup just released their State of the Global Workplace report, which says “…just 15% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs. Conversely, 85% are functioning below their potential — in terms of both their value to employers and the sense of fulfillment they derive from their work.” (Gallup, January 22, 2018)

Now, there’s good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first? That’s right! It’s all just news since good/bad only applies to whether or not you had an expectation about that news. Anyway, here’s the news.

In North America, that number is more than double at 31%, which is certainly better than the global average. However, let’s do the math. If 31% are engaged, what percent are disengaged? This isn’t a math problem. This is a business problem.

Now, let’s do some more math. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), indicates that 26-27% of employees will voluntarily quit in 2018. That means at least one in four people within your organization will be leaving THIS year. It seems I should have added looking for a new job to the list above. One other interesting item to note is that the level of engagement does not increase with salary.

What does that mean? We are leaving A LOT of untapped potential on the table. Also, our team members are telling us what they want and need from us. Meanwhile, we’re giving them what we think they need instead of what they are asking for. So, it’s time for all of us to step up our game and give our teams what they need.

Here are 5 effective ways to engage your team today! (You may even know these things already, but the million dollar question is have you been doing them?) Leadership is a practice. It’s time to put in the work if you want different results.

  1. Ask their opinion and listen. The answer is often found in the silence. Those in your organization who are quiet may not offer up their opinions until they are asked. However, you will quickly learn that when they talk, it is time to actively listen.
  2. Make them feel necessary to the whole. When team members can clearly see, and articulate, how their contribution is critical to the whole vision, they engage more. When it’s just a job, they will be looking for the next job that pays $1 more per hour. Make them part of your WHY!
  3. Make a plan for their development. While compensation is always a factor, professional growth and development are what your team is looking for. This is dual-focused. While gaining new and advanced skills is great, equally or even more important, is gaining self-awareness and growing as a person. Schedule a one-on-one meeting and put together a comprehensive growth plan.
  4. Work on yourself. Yes, the more you enhance your own leadership skills the more engaged they will be with you as a leader. You. Go. First. For instance, choose a book and start a team book club. Invite your team members to read it and discuss it with you. Now everyone grows.
  5. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. Did I say communicate? People want to know what’s going on. No news isn’t necessarily good news in a lot of people’s minds. Trust is essential for engagement, and when you communicate authentically, the trust starts to build.

Now, honestly, how many of these things are you doing consistently? These same things can apply to your team at home too. Are you engaged when you are home? Remember you are the role model. If your kids are showing up disengaged, check in with yourself to see if they are just following the leader.

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