Whoa…Was that really me?

Whoa…Was that really me?

Last week High5 rolled out a new workshop called Straight Talk for Leaders. It’s actually going to be a series of workshops, and this one was about getting your business and personal lives in alignment. The team has been planning it for the last few weeks, and we debuted it on October 10 with a group of San Diego business leaders. (Some of you may have seen our posts about it on Facebook.) What you don’t know, which also turned into one of my own personal leadership lessons, is something I bet that many of you will relate to very well.

The presentation went GREAT! Everyone completed a survey, and we averaged 9 out of 10 on value received! The participants wrote down huge insights that they gained! The venue was awesome! The participants were actively engaged! Everything worked smoothly! AND when it was over … I started analyzing everything I wanted to change.

Now, doing this isn’t bad. Not at all. However, I missed an important part of the equation, and it’s one I teach and believe in wholeheartedly. I missed the CELEBRATION! Me? Missing the celebration? Yep! All of those things that went well got a 60-second acknowledgement, thanks to Chad. He was there with me, and we did list all of the positives. Then I went into hyper analysis mode.

Here is what I learned from this experience.

I cheated myself and my team out of celebrating the hard work that we put into the event because I was already thinking about what comes next. I missed out on the High Vibe energy that would propel me into my next projects. Instead, I felt drained by the story of what I thought was less than awesome. Then I caught myself. I recognized the old programming and the old stories. I felt the lower vibe. I heard myself saying “It went great, but…” So, I stopped.

I sent several messages to my team thanking them and celebrating our success. I gave myself a High5 and shifted my focus to other things. I wrote my end-of-day reflection in my journal as – “More Celebrating & Less Analyzing.” I shifted my focus, raised my vibe, and with that new story, I asked for, and received, excellent feedback from a couple of my friends who had attended. It literally gave me all of the ideas necessary to make it more powerful next time. I was back in alignment and moving forward.

Leadership is a practice – an every day practice! The lessons are right there if we are willing to look for them. Want to know my secret to success? I fall down. I look for the lesson. I choose joy. I get up. The awareness, along with the choice to write a new story, is what creates the High5 Moment. I love my life and I am Just Getting Started!

Please join me, and my guest bloggers, every week as we share our greatest leadership lessons.

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