WE Have A Problem

WE Have A Problem

This week’s blog was contributed by Dominic Oaxaca, High5 Leadership Strategist/Trainer.

I was attending a retreat in the San Diego area when I heard the sad news of the shootings in El Paso and Dayton. What came next is what I sadly anticipated over the next several hours of social media blitz.

There was plenty of finger pointing as to who was to blame. THEY provoked THOSE people. It’s THOSE anti-gun people. It’s THOSE pro-gun people. It’s the President. It’s the absent parents. It’s the gunman alone. HE was sick or mentally disturbed. The blame game was in full swing.

Most people believe that WE are not capable of committing such unbelievable crimes. AND that might be the issue. As long as WE continue to state our perceived truths and point fingers about why THOSE people have problems, WE will never be safe.

Separation is at the heart of the issue.

The gunmen in these attacks committed these senseless crimes against THOSE people. WE suffer. It’s time WE understand that WE have the problem, not THEM, because WE only have control of our own actions. ~Dominic Oaxaca

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