What is the Gift?

What is the Gift?

What I am about to share has been a huge gift to me and I share that gift with you.

I believe that there is a gift in absolutely everything that happens in life. I usually don’t speak in absolutes, however I am going to be bold enough to do it here because I passionately believe this truth … there is a gift in absolutely everything that happens in life. Don’t get me wrong, I know, and yes from personal experience, that ugly, negative, icky stuff happens in our lives.  What I’ve learned though is that in every one of those experiences was a special gift meant just for me. Some of those gifts, many from years ago, I am just now recognizing and unwrapping them and applying them to my life. I’m sure there are others that are still waiting for me to unwrap – their time will come. What I celebrate is that today, whenever something shows up for me that doesn’t feel good I immediately ask myself “what is the gift”. While I still don’t always see it right away, I get there a whole lot faster which allows me to keep moving forward a whole lot faster.

Not buying this? I’m just asking for a few more minutes and to at least be open to the possibility. What makes this gift thing true for me is an understanding that whenever negative shows up in my life, positive is available.  Positive and negative are polarities, or a comparison to each other. You cannot have one without the other. You wouldn’t know something was negative unless you had something positive to compare it to and vice versa. What that all means is that there is always a positive … or as I call it “a gift”.

Let me give you a personal example. In the last year or so I gained about 20 lbs. I was sharing with a friend that the weight gain was a gift and she started laughing. What I explained is that while I had been unhappy about putting on the weight, I turned inward and asked “What is the gift”? There were several. First, as I embark on a passionate mission of helping women stop comparing themselves to others, guess what I was doing? Gift of awareness! As I also help others find healing within themselves, this gave me a chance to do the same for myself. Gift of love for myself! As I feel the judgment of others I use it as a reminder to release the judgments that I have. Gift of loving of others! I have the opportunity to fall down and stand back up again, stronger and more committed than ever. Gifts of commitment and health!

As I look for the gift I find the positive and release the negative …and it feels good. I am committed to living a JOY filled life. I know who I am, I know what I stand for and I know what is important. The only thing I control are my choices. I choose to search for the gift in everything. Yep, sometimes it’s a challenge, however it always brings me back to JOY a whole lot quicker.

Play with it. What is something that is a hurt, challenge or pain point for you? What gift can you find that will help you heal or grow and move forward? What will be the benefit to your life if you truly start looking for the gift in everything?

If the thoughts that you are thinking, or the feelings you are feeling, don’t feel good then it is time to think about something else. A tough message, however if you find yourself dwelling on the negative, you are choosing it. Choose to look for the gift!