Where Is The Exhiliration?

Where Is The Exhiliration?

That good ole comfort zone of ours – it really is quite comfy in there. Same old stuff every day, knowing what to expect, what to avoid and what not to do so it stays comfortable. Are you loving it in yours?

Think, for just a moment, about those truly special moments in your life. The defining ones. The ones you will always remember. Your first kiss. Getting acknowledged for the work you did on a project. Crossing the finish line of a race. How did those moments feel? Maybe they were scary at first. Your palms were sweating. Your heart was racing. There were long hours of work or training. All of it followed by that moment of exhiliration and an inner knowledge that you are a badass.

Now think about your comfort zone moments. It may be where you spend most of your time. You go to work because you have to. You come home and watch the same things on tv to get your mind off your shitty day at work that looked just like the day before and the day before that and so on. It’s comfortable, right?

Where is the exhiliration? Where is the happiness? The joy? What will you remember about your comfort zone days that you’ll want to share with others? As time goes on, the more time we spend in our comfort zone, the more uncomfortable it gets because we aren’t loving our lives. Often, we aren’t even loving ourselves. Conversely, the more time we spend outside our comfort zone, the more comfortable our life gets because our comfort zone is constantly expanding.

When we get to the end our lives, the choice we make now, in this moment, will matter then. Did I make the healthy choice so that my body still moves with ease, or did I make the easy choice to hit the drive-thru? Did I spend 30 minutes reading a book that will help me grow, or did I choose to watch another episode of a tv show I’ve seen so often I can quote the lines?

If you choose to do what others aren’t willing to do, you aren’t better than them. You’ve simply made the choice to be more purposeful and create the life YOU want to live. Others may ridicule you, or tell you to relax more. It’s only because you are making them uncomfortable.

What do YOU want to create? What legacy do you want to leave? It’s the choice you make right now that will determine your future.

Sure, one fast food meal or one zoning out session won’t be the downfall of mankind, or even yours. The question is, will it help you? It is purposeful? You know the difference. I know the difference.

I know when I’m binge watching Netflix to escape and avoid versus when I’m watching a movie with a friend to bond and fill myself up, so I have more to give. And so do you!

Your choices are creating your reality. High5 Choices will lead to High5 Moments (the ones you remember) and will all come together to create your High5 Life – one that will allow you to go, when it’s time, knowing you left the world better than you found it.